Extrajudicial dispute resolution

Johan Du Mongh LL M is subject to the following codes of conduct and regulations with regard to extrajudicial dispute resolution:

Antwerp Bar Association: Regulation for the collection of fees from the Bar of Antwerp of 27 June 2005.                                                  

West Flanders Bar Association: Arbitration Regulation from the Bar of Bruges of 8 May 2001, as amended on 8 March 2005 and the Regulation for legal collection of fee statements, mediation and advice from the Bar Association of Bruges of 8 March 2005.

You can obtain more information about the characteristics and conditions for application of these regulations from:

Bar of Antwerp: the website www.balieantwerpen.be 

Bar of West Flanders: the secretary of the Bar of West Flanders, Gerechtsgebouw, Langestraat 120, 8000 Brugge, phone: +, info@baliewestvlaanderen.be